Biodegradable Organic Cotton Mesh Bags for Grocery Shopping

These reusable fruit and vegetables GOTS of certified organic cotton bags are the environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable plastic bag.

• Washable
• These bags replace filmy plastic produce bags
• The mesh design allows cashiers to easily identify the contents of the bag
• Convenient drawstring closure
• Offered in convenient combos packs
• Branded logo patches available – minimums apply
• 100% Certified Organic Cotton (GOTS) or 100% Cotton

Product Description

  • Multiple Sizes: 12pcs organic cotton mesh bag including 4 small (8″x12″), 4 medium (12″x14″), 4 large (12″x17″), 12pcs polyester mesh bag including 3 small (8″x12″), 6 medium (12″x14″) and 3 large (12″x17″); canvas tote size is 16.5×12.6×3.9 inches. A variety of sizes to meet your different needs.
  • Premium Quality: reusable produce bag can easily hold up to 11 pounds of groceries without being torn. It will be a good storage for all kinds of groceries such as fruits, vegetables, toys, etc. The product is very solid and uses a stainless steel cord lock to provide better protection for its contents.
  • Eco-friendly and Safe: The organic cotton mesh bag is made of 100% cotton biodegradable material and is absolutely eco-friendly. Our polyester mesh bag is made of strong and stretchable polyester fiber. Can be cleaned repeatedly, reducing your chances of using disposable plastic bags and helping to protect the environment.
  • Ultra-light: Our reusable produce bag is ultra-light, so you can fold it and take it anywhere to better serve you. Each large organic cotton mesh bag weighs 1.31 ounces, medium is 1.11 ounces, and small is 0.77 ounces. Each large polyester mesh bag weighs 0.89 ounces, medium is 0.76 ounces, and small is 0.53 ounces.
Reusable Produce Bags Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bag for Fruit